• Over 40 years metrology experience,
  • ISO 17205 Certified- Accredited,
  • state of the art calibration tools-
  • Certified Service Company- Calibration is fully prepared to address all of your granite plate needs!
  • Personal service- On-site, in your plant
Certified Service Company- Calibration

Why WE are the Best Choice for Your Company

We are a full service, ISO 17025 Accredited company with more than 40 years of metrology and calibration experience with an industry wide  reputation for quality, value and fair pricing.

About Certified Service Company

Owner, President and metrologist Dave Mardavich runs this second-generation family granite plate calibration business, combining experience, the right tools and an unwavering commitment to excellence. When your granite surface plates need calibration, repair, cleaning or machining, choose the company so many industry leaders have already trusted to work on their surface plates.

Granite surface plates, granite squares, granite tables are the foundation upon which so many of your dimensional measurements rely. You and your company can benefit from Certified Service Company and our over 40 years of calibration, repair and metrology experience, to assure your product integrity and applying to your project the quality and attention to detail that you do. Our many years of experience insure the most accurate and precise calibration, resurfacing, repair, and machining of your granite surface plates, granite master angles, granite tables and granite blocks.

Commitment to the principles of quality and value are the foundations on which you have built your business and upon which we have built our reputation.

Master Granite AngleGRANITE MASTER ANGLESWhen your Master Granite Angles need calibration, our certified metrology experts perform the work on-site at your location.


Repair  Chipped Granite Surface Plates/Granite Plates and Machine Damaged Granite Tables also known as granite plates or granite blocks. Obtain Actual Readings on Tiny Granite Surface Plates/Granite Angles/Granite Tables.



ISO/IEC 17025 is the single most important measure of Metrology standards for testing and measurement


We calibrate granite surface plates,granite plates, granite tables, granite blocks and master granite angles.


Professional, reliable, prompt and courteous service, on-site right-in-your-plant and personalized to your specific situation and needs. There are no better reasons to choose Certified Service Company for your next surface plate project.


Just some of the many companies that have used and trusted Certified Service Company

Certified Service Calibration serves most areas of the United States, including Ohio, New York City, Long Island, New York state, New Jersey, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee!


Wherever you are located, Certified Service Company can benefit your business by our competitive pricing, on-site service, attention to detail and our excellent reputation. When your granite plates, granite squares, granite tables and granite master plates need calibration, resurfacing or repair, please consider us, with our over 40 years of experience and commitment to detail, state of the art tools to be your calibration go-to company.


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